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Michael Bernstein Photography



Making Memories

Hello Folks, I'm Michael Bernstein from Chincoteague Island..  Been doing some photography for quite a spell now , ever since I was able to press that shutter button thingamajig and saw I could capture a moment in time I was hooked.


My Approach

 " I like to think that I'm observant of my surroundings enough to capture the essence of the moment that will tell a story in a photo. I like to stop time , at the end of it all we have photographs "


What to Expect

All of my photographs are printed on a WIDE FORMAT 44 inch EPSON PRINTER with EPSON ARCHIVAL INKS. My paper of choice is Epson Premium Luster 260 PAPER  .

All photographs are printed a 1440 DPI.

Occasionally we print on other papers and material with customers request such as Texture and Wall Adhesivse 

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